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Why does Reddit

Who is the most unpopular person in history class?

Fugitives of Reddit, how long have you and your accomplices been in hiding, and why?

Reddit, I just told my mom I am an alien abductee. What's your perspective on the world?

If the earth

What was the strangest thing that

What was the funniest thing your friend did that stuck with you?

People who have seen their parents having sex, what was it like? Would you do it again?

People who were supernaturally fast at finding a camera or two in the Atlanta airport, how many cameras do you think are still out there?

Reddit, what’s the best thing you’ve accidentally said in a drunken stoned stupor?

Who is your favorite (nsfw) pornstar?

You are lying in the grass, looking at the stars, headphones in

Do you think the United States is currently on the path to becoming a dictatorship and if

What is the best excuse you've heard when someone doubted your existence?

People of Reddit who have seen a family member having an accident, what’s your story?

Redditors with obese parents, how do you stay motivated to exercise when your mom constantly tells you to eat more?

What would the ultimate selfie be?

Why do some redditors find it OK to be racist and sexist?

People with birthmarks, have you ever had them, how did they affect you, and how did they change your life?

What is your favourite book you've ever read and why?

What words would

People who question god, why?

Male Sex Workers of reddit, have you ever shown your best friend your penis. If so, why?

Which song makes you laugh out loud?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack, extra ammo, and a save point, you know exactly what to do. What if you couldn't get the same save points in a real life playthrough?