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What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit is full of assholes?

If doctors could talk again, what’s the first thing they'd want to know is, how has it felt to be a doctor?

What can one person, under the age of 50, without any education or employment, do to better themselves?

What is the most interesting non-sexual thing a pornstar has ever done for you?

If a virus killed you, what'd be the last word you'd say before you expired?

How would you feel about a show where in the first half of the episode a fictional family is having fun, then in the second half a real life family is threatened?

What is the most underrated good kid (15-19) movie?

I converted to an entirely new religion - but the best part is that I don't really know what it is yet.

People who hate bridesmaids: Have you ever been in serious relationships and what was it like?

Who do you think is the most evil Belgian of all time?

What would an actual exam on real life be like?

Are you a Trump supporter or a non-Trump supporter? Why are you choosing between the two?

People who comment "lol" on posts with likes/downvotes, why?

What does your girlfriend/wife/best friend's personality define them to you?

What do you think about when you hear "the world is ending"?

What do you find most interesting or interesting, but aren't proud of?

Have you ever been attracted to a celebrity without knowing it was a façade and how did that happen?

What are your thoughts on “Cops for Trump” protests?

What do you think of pandemic?

You have 30 seconds to ruin a wedding. What do you do?

Since its release, what is your opinion on Undertale?

What are some of the ethical, legal, or political issues facing the United States right now?

Redditors, who is the most bizarre fictional character do you feel bad for?

People who dated their crush, how did it go?

Avery Bradfix's and Brads common sense doesn't add up after his archery lesson, how can you justify keeping him around?