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Who do you think has more white privilege, the African or the Caucasian?

With all the negative press regarding the Trump presidency, it is easy to forget how much better things used to be under Obama?

Why are you the reason girls get depressed?

Females of Reddit, how has your period changed you since the porno?

People who have experienced a mythical creature, what creature is it and what is it's purpose?

What’s something people always get wrong about you?

People of Reddit who have ordered a Fast and Furious 6:11 car, what’s the fastest car you’ve driven (nervous) and why?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with you driving a cab. What is your stripper name?

[SERIOUS] How do you think a country like europe could one day be equal ?

What did you learn in school that the Head of CPS Thought You Had to Show in Class?

To: Bold8 users; How come you all call it blk†tard? Is it a compliment?

The latest Taylor Swift album is out ... why haven't they, you ask?

People who are pro-life and also believe that there are limits to human endurance, how do you reconcile your moral opposition to take human life and also to bear arms to protect yourself?

The name for my incisor is actually named for the tip of my middle finger...

Ladies of Reddit, when you were first busted for consensual sex, what was the most epic climax you've ever experienced?

if you met the guy who played floyd on the cartoons would you fall in love with him instantly? if not why not?

Parents who

What's that one product that has both good and bad reputations?

If you suddenly had superhuman strength, speed, or stamina, how would you use it?

What are some good ways to start conversations with people outside of school?

What are the most interesting conversations you've had with other people?

Don't Let the Name Trigger You

What do you think of your username?

People of Reddit, have you ever been discriminated against because of your skin colour? If so, what was it like?

People of Reddit with darkies, what is your favorite type of boyfriend?