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How do you feel about slut shaming?

If you could instantly have any superpower, but still retain your human brain, would you do it? Why or why not?

[Serious] why do people still support and even encourage racist ideas and talk shows?

What was the most gut-wrenching moment where you realized that you were going to die?

To the police, prosecutors, judges, military, and first responders of reddit, if you could pick 3 working-class people you would pick to be your enemy and why?

What was your "I'll take that one" moment?

College students, is the unpopular professor because he/she is conservative? And what are your thoughts?

In which we find the funniest, most heart-stopping, yet also most touching, of all time…

Doctors of reddit, what is the best excuse you've heard to someone who has been falsely accused of something they did incorrectly?

Cops are fucking animals. Humans are a bit more equivilent. So while browsing Reddit today, what do you two most want to talk about?

Anyone else wonder if we are going back into the dark ages?

People who spewed Grandpa Coronavirus, how long do you hold on to bad habits?

What would you put in a reboot of badminton?

What was your "thing" growing up?

What is your favourite "cinematic" moment in movies?

If your life was a song, what would be the title of the song?

The opening sequence of House takes place in a convenience store. What is the name of the item?

[Serious] Transgender people of Reddit, what’s the most hateful thing a transgender person has ever said to you?

What is your reasoning to go to bed early?

What should always be in your kit?

What’s something small you can

What innocent search turned out to be a trap?

People with penises, how does it feel when you masturbate? Do you ever have an epiphany where you

Scientists of Reddit, what is the most outrageous result you have had from the stupidest experiment you have ever conducted?

What if someone took over the world?