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What were some of the "black market" items you bought for a crazy high price?

[Serious] what are some warning signs of toxic fatherhood?

What is one thing that you are overly proud of?

A man in Australia was arrested for screaming "Go back to Africa!" while being held down by two African men. An African American family was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight. What’s going to be the reaction of the African American community to this?

(NSFW) Girls of Reddit, what is a guy's best option when having sex with you?

People with whotscism, how do you feel about it? Do you feel guilty or proud that you are a whotscist?

I'm the reason a girl dies...

If you could pick only

Why do girls go to such lengths to hide their obvious affection for masculine figures such as a handsome male figure, a handsome male work colleague

You are now the president of the USA, what changes can we expect from your administration?

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one person to represent humanity, who would it be?

What do you think the perfect movie would be?

What’s an object all designers must learn to hate?

Which movie became a lot creepier with each viewing?

What are the stupidest things you've heard someone say in a hospital?

You're a Burglar, but only steal things to slightly inconvenience your victims. What are some everyday items you take to slightly inconvenience your victims?

What's one thing you're good at but hate doing?

People of Reddit, how much do you want to

Whats one great big fuck-you to someone?

Those who survived an attempted murder, what's your story?

What was the strangest thing you did that you still remember

What's something you could say during sex and ordering a restaurant?

[Serious] what unique superpower do you think a fictional character would have?

Former conservatives, what changed your minds?

[Serious] What is something that sounds like total bullsh*t, but you're an actual human?