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What's the most horrific event that you are aware of and why is it so ?

[Serious] Naked guys of Reddit: how many of you are out there jerking off to First Post or 10 posts in a row?

What are some helpful tips to start writing a novel?

Death row. No sex. Do you guys have any advice?

[serious] Injustice Gods Among Us players, what are some stories from the first season that you would tell, if you were a whistle blower?


What is the worst audiobook you have ever listened to?

It's October 1st 2020. After your revolution, humans will be extinct. What do you think your last meme will be?

There's a lot of talk about "equality before the law", but what are some things that really don't give you equality?

How much time is spent on pretty pictures on Facebook?

How much trouble is too many people having with the police?

What one thing makes you feel sexy/special?

Reddit, if you think about the people you used to shit on and how they felt about it, how can i make it less fucked up?

Stills of ass-grabbing videos have now been turned into movies, what’s your sex movie movie wish come true?

You've been adopted, but after moving into a 40 year old family man's house, you discover that the best thing about your new family member is that he

What is the most badass thing a police officer has ever done?

Hey reddit, why do you like it when people make fun of your culture?

Hey reddit folks, what are some great places to live in California?

People who have dated or are dating their friends, what was the awkward moment

Doctors, whats your’experience with a “holier than thou’s’ve’ occasion?

How come so many people upvote a post without commenting on it?

What do we need help with?

If the world was absolutely ending, and we all had only the blunt, honest, or dark truth to say to each other... what would you say?

HOT 97 on your playlist? What would that mean?

What are the most interesting “hidden” corners of Reddit?