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If the game of life is like the game of dice what would be the worst possible dice to use?

What subreddit do you feel is the absolute best in terms of creativity and thoughtfulness?

You have to fight a 30 man squad of the guards at your job for $10,000,000. Your pay is based on your dick size and your performance. Do you win. Why or why not?

Female pornstars of reddit do you prefer circumcised penises or uncircumcised penises? Why or why not?

Who is the most probably alive today?

Nintendo Switch is rated PG-13, meaning it’s allowed to use one F-bomb. What are some jokes in this game that are considered too sensitive?

People who understand, why?

Why does reddit hate skinny girls? Big butt girls? Why?

You can add nude scene to any movie. Every single copy of that movie automatically gets +nude scene added to the

To the guy who claims he has a special ability to instantly understand what the other person is feeling and mimic it perfectly… How often do you get a girl's number by accident?

Transgenders, how has your masturbation

Do You Support Trump's Remarks on Police Brutality? Why or why not?

People who actually used flip phone cameras to take videos with, how did it pan out?

How would you feel about people voting for Trump 2020?

If your twin was in your PMS and you couldn't have sex with them(if you can't have sex with them) what would you do?

What is the best way to screw someone?

How have you ever felt guilty for liking a scifi/fantasy story but really really really really really really really not caring what others think?

Divorce attorneys of Reddit, what's the best way a victim of domestic violence has settled a dispute amicably?

People who say that the US is the best country in the world, why do you do this?

People who only use reddit to upvote when they can, WHY?

What were the deciding moments of your life thus far?

Redditors, how would you feel about mandatory 2-year military service for all abled young adults in the US?

What made the “weird kid” in your class, weird?

What’s one thing about yourself that most women don’t know?

People with video of themselves shitting themselves, what is it?