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What is your favorite SEGA game?

People who smoke cigarettes, do you get high? Why, or why not?

With over 100 voting members, the Ohio Republican Party is the largest political party in the country. How would you feel about an official party platform that would endorse Trump's policies or campaign?

What are the types of ‘WTF happened’ that you’ve personally seen/experienced?

What would you do if you magically got the power to change anything about the way life is?

I've been scammed by a guy, and my girlfriend is furiously unfriending me. What stupid things have I said/done that have I feel stupid for a second time?

If you can only save one life, what would it be?

How would you've felt about a criminal child labor tax credit for businesses?

Which one of these do you like?

What's the best video game designed with children in mind?

I've known a few people my age who are dating someone significantly older than them. They dated their childhood friend, and now their childhood friend is dating their childhood friend. How do you guys see the future for your friends?

What if being a Karen was actually a thing?

Actors and Actresses, what is a scene from a movie that goes "OMG OMG I lost my shit!!" ?

Police Officers of Reddit, since 9/11 how have you seen the media bias against President Obama and the Tea Party movement?

You are now the moderator of r/athe, r/pics, and r/pics (only difference is you're the admin). What are the r/athe mods doing with all the free space?

Users of Reddit, have you ever had a porn plot like experience and what was it like ?

What is your favorite "cliché" to a telemarketer?

People of Reddit with grey hairs, why do you do it?

What is wrong with everyone and everything?

What (hopefully) controversial statement have you heard from a jalopy?

Heterosexuals of Reddit

What really isn't safe to say online?

How would you feel about gay marches and pride parades?

It's 2019 and the zombie apocalypse has begun. How do you guys feel about chip in paying a few bucks to […]

If you were a vampire who'd live a life of pure darkness, what would it take?