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Your name is?

What is the scariest thing your mind has ever seen?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit is so fkn rad?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and how did your family react when they saw them?

What is the most immature thing a Weeb of any generation has done?

People with any mental illness, how do you go through with your life?

Americans - how has your founding fathers react to the fact that you are now an alien from some other planet?

What would the world be without class A drugs?

Which song are you tired of hearing everyone else rave about?

If we didn’t have Reddit, what would we have?

What's a porn trope you're

What movies had a scene alteration in

If you had a chance to create a new breed of dog, what would it be?

What's your first impression of a country music song?

What is a movie that is perfect for a children's show but also perfectly applicable to adults?

How would you feel about banning commercials with advertising during games like Superbowl or college basketball tournament games like men's basketball or women's soccer?

People who donate a lot of money to charity, how are you now?

If You Found Out That The Population Was Being Remotely Mass Mind

How is the most effective way to deal with anorexics?

Black Lives Matter continues to rage, as peaceful protests are violently thwarted by violent elements. Why is Black Lives Matter the new Black Panther Party?

Could President Trump survive two terms in office?

If your life was a play, what would be a recurring gag for the next 30 days?

What superhero/villain would you like to have sex with?

Let’s be honest here. Reddit is a refuge from the oppressive forces of the internet. It is the safe space for people who are under

People of Reddit who own and/or were involved with a pornstar/e-girl, pornstar/e-boy, or pornstar/e-girl, what's your story?