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What are signs of White Privilege?

People of reddit, have you ever been attracted to a famous person? If so, how did it happen?

What do you miss about your childhood?

People of Reddit, what was the first time you ever got to know someone?

What would be the reddit submission of the year?

If life was a video game what would

There are about 500,000 Americans who support Trump, and the protests that have taken place in the US since the election result are nothing compared to what's going to happen in the US?

How would your life be different if sexual experiences were generally more pleasant and well-received than they are now?

What is the most outrageous distortion you have experienced online?

People who tell jokes, why do you do it?

people of reddit who have played the opposite sex, what was the biggest turn on for you?

You found the Original Recipe!

Its Brad's birthday, what do you make for him?

If humans had a pet monkey, what animal would it be?

Gamers of Reddit: since when have u stopped being a gamer and become a grunge fan?

What sentence is full of yourself?

You can add "In my ass" to the end of any song title. What are some pretty decent titles?

How will the first black president be received in 2021?

All this love for Kobe Bryant is amazing but it seems to negate the other incidents of racism and brutality that are endemic to the city?

Germ students of reddit, what do you think your major is?

What do you think about Frack Free Fridays?

Redditors with kids under 18, what is your opinion on split enviably and if your wife is still breastfeeding, should you?

What are some funny internet memes?

If the Earth’s orbit could talk, what phrases would it use to communicate with us today?

What did you do recently that would make a teacher, right?