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What is the most meaningful memory from your childhood?

What’s your go-to “this’s-when-back-to-school” video?

Why do you think America is so against the free speech of its citizens but so happily give rich people money for making their lives easier?

Fellow country boys, why do you do it?

Porn Actors of Reddit, what was the craziest thing that happened while you were filming it?

What's the best emoji you know?

You find out your son / daughter are gay and they're having a secret love affair, you can't tell anyone, it will ruin their childhood and they'll hate you forever. Do you do something?

What was the dumbest thing a teacher, principal, or teacher aide-turned-accuser did?

What is the most bullshit “is this girl serious?” question you've seen a lot on Reddit?

Addictive turn-based strategy game with turn-based currency and levels

What is the best reaction to getting a comment like this one on reddit?

What sub do you feel the most awkward in?

If you were a Kelly Sue, what would you do?

If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered reddit users, what are some funny NSFW posts to the top post of the day?

Your country has merged with all of its inhabitants (populations, not actual people) into one gigantic super powers. What is the first

So my gf left me for the last guy she saw... what to do?

What is the best gift you could give someone who needs it the most?

People who ran for President in 2016, what are your thoughts on the final election results?

What is one thing you're willing to fight anyone to?

What's worse, someone who beats their partner or someone who beats another human being?

Guys, do you realize he took your penis out for a walk one day? Why or why not?

dæmons are already here?

Sock fuckers of reddit, have you ever had a male prostitute COCK your PAYG for you? if so, what was it like? Did he enjoy it? Would it be a good

If women could choose their shape what would the differences be ?

Non Americans, does /r/askreddit have an edge to it that other sites don’t?