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If puppies had anal, how would they feel about anal?

How do you guys come up with new topics and continue to keep the conversation interesting?

How did you make friends?

Girls who wear make-up on dates what are your thoughts on the date date scene in general?

What movie would you change if you had unlimited money?

Scientists of reddit, what are some genuinely interesting experiments you've done to further your career?

what is the age old complaint, "everyone in the world is trying to be cool, so all society is trying to be cool"?

On November 8th, the world will end in "The Great Magic Duel," a game show featuring a wizard (Tom Fazul) vs a dragon (Avacyn). What do you all think will be the theme of the finale?

What can a Reddit user do to help you?

Somebody once said "Every adult in this world has a destiny; you just don’t know which one it is." Which one do you think you’re a part of?

What kind of alternative are you?

Redditors, how would you feel about raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse by including a #MeToo

What do you consider the last meme you used?

Redditors who work in cleaning, what’s the weirdest thing someone has done to your workspace?

What is your god damnant inability to stop giggling at every cute thing that happen to you?

Sock fuckers of reddit, have you ever been so good that your parents decided to join you? If so why did your parents decide to join you?

What do you think about when people make generalizations about African Americans?

What's your go-to "cry this over" song?

How do you tell a depressed friend or partner that you don't feel lonely anymore?

[Serious] Straight people of Reddit, when did you have a close friend lose their mind and what happened?

What would you change in this world if it had a 1,000 year plan?

What is considered to be substandard parenting and would you do it again?

What is a decent, non-aggressive, non-threatening high-five?

If horses had a nickname, which one would it be?

What’s a novel that made you cry like crazy?