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What’s the most wholesome

I recently asked my 3yo daughter if she remembers being born. She said "Yes, Mom". What's the most innocent thing a person said or did that you thought was a bit strange but was actually quite clever?

[serious] What is your "I'll be damned" moment?

What is one thing that you wish you had as a child that you still think of to this day?

What can a movie-length standing ovation be used for?

Daughters of Reddit, what was something

Male Architects of Reddit, have you ever had a client who was a virgin with an erect penis, how did it happen, and what was his reaction to it?

Who is someone you feel is completely out of your league?

Stalker what's the scariest moment you've been a victim of?

[serious] People who were not raised by a "father figure", how was it like?

People who don’t wear a mask out in public: how the fuck do you do that?

People who have a family member who is obese how do you maintain your health and why?

What’s the scariest thing to happen to you in a school?

At what point do you stop caring about a TV show you used to love and then come back ten years later and still love it?

People of color, what would you like to see changed or improved in the media?

If you were able to sit down with one fictional character, who would it be?

What's the fastest you've seen a bear go from excited to horrified in one sitting?

People of Reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is something you can say with certainty that someone who doesn't live in the same country or has no direct interaction with the culture or knows nothing about it?

People with anti racist and/or anti anti anti anti semetic parents, how are your relationships with them and how can we support you?

What can a little kid do to make his/her self worth?

People who support Trump and have shown their support on social media, how do you feel that his presidency will be a success?

[serious] Straight people of Reddit: what is something straight people overlook?

If you died and got replaced by a new body, would you still be alive and why?

A wizard has made you invisible. All you have is a mask and a pen which you will use to write down every thought and every letter of the title of a comic book. Do you choose the name ?

Dear Vegetarians, what are your main food preferences besides meat?