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People who actually cheated on their loved one. How did you get out of it?

What are some weird hobbies that most redditors seem to have?

What would your ideal world be like?

Given how Trump is still in office, what would be the dumbest thing to do?

What if we find live dinosaurs living on a remote island?

What would actually happen if all Muslims were executed by firing squad?

If God would just give you one wish, what would it be?

What are some good subreddits to binge read?

How do you guys feel about "Shark Tank" (season 2, suckers first) ?

How would you feel about a ban on "how would you feel about that?" questions

Have you ever had a "thing" that was meant to be permanent?

What is your contribution to making America Great Again?

Who is the most toxic person you have meet? How did you meet them and what was their interaction like?

What's the best YouTube playlist to listen to while gaming?

Customers who create customer support posts with no subject, why?

What is the best three letter word

If women could choose to remain nude or become what are some sexy nudists?

What kind of questions do you hope don’t make it to the front page?

What do you think of the concept of a third gender president?

People who wear shorts

People of Reddit who have a .38 Special, what is it like to fire it?

What movies would benefit from some love?

Auction houses, who will be the best bidders and highest bidder and why?

What happened at your workplace?

What did the first picture of you look like?