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How would you feel about a "mentor" who would teach you how to draw, how would you feel about this character?

what are some fun things to do on New Year’s Eve if one is not a big party goer/under 21?

Racist of Reddit, what's your story?

All hail the white whale. A new species of dinosaur has been discovered, and scientists believe that this species will one day wipe out all dinosaurs once and for all. How do you feel about this new species?

People of Reddit with autistic spectrum disorder, have you ever had an experience with a family member that made you question your existence? If so, how did it affect your life?

People who turned on their TV after finding out that it was a 'miracle', how is it different than being a 'miracle'?

People that dont post on 4chan why?

People who have a photographic memory, how can you remember images from the past?

What song does your parents listen to?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how do you go back to a "real" life and not just a fictional one?

[SERIOUS] Would you date a man without a vagina?

Reddit old age fap. How old are you?

Would you stop caring about a TV show if you had the power? Why or why not?

What are some bad movies that are easy to laugh off as just another robbery movie?

People who have worked on movie projects that are now in the past, what was it like to finish filming without knowing what would happen to the film?

Girls of reddit how does it feel like having a boner?

Why are you still awake, mind blown?

If people still beat their wives / girlfriends / kids in divorces / have sex outside of marriage what’s the point?

Who is your personal favourite (actually) small artist that you do?

What if we don’t get an aliens and then some blizzard or some other natural disaster comes along and the humans have to flee?

What is your opinion on the fact that some Asian people have more self confidence than others?

What sounds epic, but is actually bullshit?

What's the most unexpected gift that you've received for a present?

What would normally be considered 'gross', such as dismembering another person, would be a lot less disturbing if people did it more?

The dogs of reddit, which one do you think is the cutest and why?