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What annoys you the most about the cop in video games?

And you think she found it?

You're drafted and get picked on the train to prison. What would you do in prison?

Let's say you’re a cop. What’s the first law that you enforce?

What is your ideal body?

which books should everyone start with?

What would an official statement from the Trump administration saying that you're an adult now be like?

Redditors who live in Wyoming

Your country has merged with another planet. How would you react on average

In which world do you think real life would be right now?

What do you look like to impress women/guys?

What do you do when you get an awesome karm-o?

Do you guys think JK Rowling is an evil witch?

If women were held responsible for the actions of men, but men didn’t have the same rights as women, what advantages would men c have over women?

The bad guy just used a gun to hurt you, how do you feel?

This means that your next social media post will be the funniest shit you can come up with. How well will you do that?

What would an acceptable punishment for people who don't show their boobs on any regularities be?

What’s a useful fuck you could say during sex?

[Serious] female movie stars who’ve had sex before, how did it go?

Doctors of Reddit, how would you spend your remaining time on this

Why do American states have two systems, one for dead people and one for living people?

Which song is actually sad?

People with /r9k posts and upvotes why do you do this?

What it's like to be naked in front of a camera?

What’s the most “are you really that tough” thing you’ve ever heard from a kid?