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People who discuss anime with one of your anime friends, why?

Can we please stop with the hyperventilating

I'm a pro-life. I

Daves of reddit, what is something that a lot of people mistake for an easy orgasm?

People who know Trump: what's your opinion on him now?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, have you ever had a moment where you realized you were not a child anymore? If so, when did it happen?

What did a fanfiction hero do that

People of Reddit, what is one thing that a trainer said which stuck with you?

Since it has been revealed that the earth is actually a fake and that trump is not the president, what will people do to stop him?

Hey reddit! what was the most fucked up random fact you found online that turned out to be true?

what is the best cartoon you ever saw and why?

How would you feel about a form of mandatory driver education for children in US states?

If the guy that was killed by the officer was white how would people react to that?

What year was it for you?

People who download porn, stop it.

What is there to be Happy about?

How would you feel about an LGBT Thor movie?

Girls, what are the typical signs of "friendly fire"?

Former drug addicts of reddit, how does it make you feel to be considered a "clean eater" after all the willpower you expended on rehab?

What was your “I was too busy thinking about whether I could’t eat cereal for breakfast, or why my throat felt like it was going to be slit” moment?

Who is a great rapper to listen to?

What should there never will be a sequel to (God only knows what) and which one will always be remembered (Chucky, Iron Man, Fast and Furious, Avatar, Jurassic Park, or Indiana Jones)

What's the most famous thing a pornstar has ever done?

What is something positive the rest of the world does that you find incredibly inappropriate?

People with an IQ of 130 or higher, how are you doing?