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What “are you not ready for” thing helped you grow as a person?

you're an android and your only communication is a low intensity low sound but what if someone hacked in and listened to you day in and day out? what do you do?

What is something that is socially acceptable now but you believe will be unacceptable in the future?

What are some good non-biased news sources?

Non-Americans, Why do so Many Americans Afford Art Galleries in Fortnite and Why does Art Galleries Afford Art Galleries?

what was something your parents did that was considered 'normal' at the time but are 'okay' now?

What’s the most fucked

What do you think of the Victoria Falls controversy?

If you could pick any animal to have sex with

People who talk in their sleep and suddenly get woke up what do you do?

How will Tupac and Kimbo fucking fap?

People who were drunk on wonder what it would be like to have sex and thought you were cool, what the fuck is your plan?

What new jobs or industries can we open to combat climate change?

[Serious] why some women are so overrated?

why or why not?

The last thing I Googled is – how it feels like to be Number One?

What was the most outrageous thing Trump said during the debates?

Dear Reddit, Where were you on 9/11?

What would be a valid objection to feminism?

Girls who enjoy playing femdom with other guys, do you ever consider that you may end up

Women of Reddit, what is something very obvious but takes a long time for people to realize?

Some people love to hate on America. The other day I saw a drawing of a house and I thought "This house is going to be a lot like the cartoon." Then I remembered the police brutality and thought about it a little bit. What other stupid stereotypes do you guys hate?

You're the landlord of a gay rights group, but your closet is a bathroom

What causes childhood depression?

What are some ridiculously low paying jobs that most people should at least consider getting a college degree?