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Why do liberals defend muslims , while having no problem with people who have access to muslims?

Teachers of Reddit who teach in an all-girls high school, what was the most bizarre incident you've witnessed?

Those who were at protests recently...what was the craziest thing that happened?

Why do you support socialism when it is actually more towards the left of the socialist countries as opposed to the

People of Reddit who got into serious trouble for being blamed for something someone else did, what happened?

What is something that someone in strange clothing said or did for comedic effect?

[Serious] Straight women of Reddit: what makes you feel special?

What are signs of growth spurt for a blog post?

Why do most redditors hate Christians (at least the President and First Lady, since they are the ones who start the whole thing)?

(NSFW) What's something guys can do to attract more female attention?

Have you ever shown your best friend your penis. If so why?

Do you think about running away from home? If so, how do you feel about anonymity on the internet?

To the cis white people of reddit who are against homophobia, why?

Whats up everyone, what are the [Serious] problems with the world right now?

Ladies, just like in porn, what do guys think of your tits when they're shaved? Do they get erections getting shaved ?

What was the funniest story about your personal life?

I'm 17, and I

Do you ever look at yourself one day and think you're hot as shit, but the next day comes and you're still the same person? Why do you think this happens?

People who supported Bernie, and will not be doing so this time around: what made you change your mind?

I'm an Atheist, but I just got an i

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? If so, when did you get to that place?

Reddit, I need your help.

Your IP ( has been blacklisted with all of reddit in the world dissolving in 10 second blocks. How are you planning to rebuild life?

[serious] ex-racists, what made you stop?

What are some ups and downs you've had in your life?