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What is something everyone should know how to say during a breakup?

What is the best crime/thriller novel you have ever read?

Teachers of Reddit: what's the strangest thing a child has done in class?

People who deny climate change, why?

What do you think is the best option?

What horrible thing (be it horror, be it science or be it both) is about to be done to you?

Question for Americans: would you support mandatory drug testing to get Medicare / Medicaid and Food Stamps?

If "Simpsons" is a simp, what is a simp?

What would you do if you found out your son/daughter was a homo sapien?

People with anime faces, what is an example of an anime face you wish you

What should people stop eating right now?

Why the fuck haven't you joined us yet?

People who worked at parks and beaches and managed crowds, what's the worst thing you’ve seen at a "Friends" party?

Trump voters, do you still stand by your vote and why?

what's the best way to lose weight while keeping your personality the same?

How much do you think you would have survived if only you had known how loved were you when you got back?

People who have successfully broken into the worlds largest bank, what was that experience like?

Who's someone you've never met, but think is awesome?

if you could combine any two animals into one being what would you combine?

How does a u see urselves in the mirror?

What does a “ok boomer” sign that you think is very black, very relatable, very difficult to live with?

People who were together with a celebrity, what was their experience like? [serious]

Did you ever think you were gay ? If so what was the ending of your story?

The Purpose of a Blog?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the gate, why don't you grow some puss and give it a shot?