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If you had to pick a science to explain everything, what would it be?

JK Rowling originally wanted to make Harry visit all five Hogwarts House common room, but couldn't think of a valid reason to visit the Hufflepuff common room, could you please help?

What rickroll would you make using 1st grade logic but with a 30 year old Paul McCartney voice?

What's the most provocative thing Bond has done?

Guys who burst into your mom's cooking and ruin the dinner, what exactly are you trying to impress her with?

Users of Reddit that are against the idea of marriage equality, why?

How do you feel about KSI instead of just plain skinny jus?

What happens when you cum on a telephone pole?

What has everyone's opinion been on lately?

JK Rowling is entirely right. Why do so many people hate her?

What was the best thing anyone has ever done for you?

To the 500 most antisocial types

What would be your 'black market' in sex?

[Serious] Do you ever look at porn and think you are a child again? What made you think that way?

Why do you think Trump won the election in 2016?

What is your childhood nightmare?

Reddit, if you still support Trump, why?

How do I tell my girlfriend that I love her?

What is the worst memory from a TV show you used to watch as a kid?

People of Reddit who dated their significant other, how well did it turn out?

What is something your parents made you believe in, but are now sick of?

What are the lesser-known ways your race is suppressed?

Girls, what is it like to be the femme fatale?

Vegans/vegetarians of reddit who eat ass, why?

In honor of Trump's 70th birthday, I pulled out my phone to make a call. When I saw what was on it, I froze. Am I a paranoid?