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Since everyone seems to like Jim Cramer now does he become the next US President?

What stories are too unique to pass on to your children?

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Texas Rangers have acquired slugger Shin-Soo Choo for a package of $2.5 million, it was announced today by General Manager Jon Daniels. Per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Ladies of Reddit, what is the difference between a pornstar and a porn actress?

You find out your son and daughter are actually vivisected monkeys and must make an animated short to please them. What is it?

The Video Game is officially "science fiction", but which Science Experiments are most likely to make it into the real world?

People who voted for Obama twice and are now considering voting for Trump, which candidate are you voting for?

What is the best 'blue whale' story you know?

What's a song everyone has probably already heard but doesn’t know the name of?

Non American how do you think about Australia ?

Why can't people over the age of 15 freely access nsfw content on their own?

People who already have, what would you say?

Why do girls have so many funny looks on Girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend who has moved in next to you? Do they actually think they are as pretty as you think they are?

What would you do if your penis was a superhero?

Bartenders of Reddit, have you ever had a client who had a learning disability, and how did you react to their incident?

What super hero movies are absolute cliches?

Has the world ended? If so why haven't you solved your problems yet?

In honor of Flanagan's murder, what’s the best thing you’ve seen on television?

What’s an amazing product that you used in one way or another your life?

If Apple were to make houses,

Who are the cutest fictional characters?

Weird teenagers of Reddit, what’s the most ridiculous thing your friends have said about you?

Ex-atheists of Reddit, how did you get back?

You're 11 years old, your parents send you to live with a family member, this family member is abusive and violent. What’s your best move

What is the biggest mistake you are making right now?