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What movie was completely changed when you added sex scenes?

What is your favorite SpongeBob episode?

How do you feel about KSI x Ricegum beef?

Prevention, security, and how to keep yourself and others safe from scammers and con artists.

(NSFW) Have you ever had a fantasy battle with your Fiance? What is it?

What was the most incredible thing that you saw but wish it were still happening?

What do you do when you are horny and you remember a childhood nightmare?

Man, what is the most unnecessary piece of information you have ever heard a student ask a teacher?

It has now been 21 days since the 1st day of january, which means that President Trump is now the president for a day! How would you like your day to be over quickly?

What is a god that you genuinely don't believe in?

Reddit, what are some things that have happened in your life that make you say, "Oh yeah, I remember that"?

Who is the most toxic person you have met? How did you meet them?

Dear Lebensraum, what are the racial undertones of the election results and what do you think about them?

Who is the most right-wing nut job you have ever worked for?

What is something people can never seem to grasp: the limitations of technology.

People who talk in

How would you feel about a post asking people to tell the worst thing they've ever done to each other?

The Batmobile has been modified to fly cars and people can now fly them into buildings. What’s the dumbest thing you've ever done?

What are some cool subreddits you upvoted to the front page?

What's a book you find yourself absolutely addicted to

Gay couples of Reddit, did you ever think that your wedding photographer would choose to photograph your genitals before taking the pictures? And why?

People of Reddit, have you ever been in a car with another person and made them drive you to the hospital? If so what was the experience?

people of reddit what is something positive the internet has to say about it's users?

What is Rob Thomas' go-to inappropriate song to listen to?

Have you ever been so mad at yourself that you felt like your existence was a waste? If so, how did you deal with that?