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Is it still okay to celebrate a lgbtqqqqq time and why ?

To the Redditors who are so vehemently against christians ( the majority of reddit is christian and you are not ) why?

What's a weird habit of yours you didn't think was weird

What are some “how would

Parents, how has your child chewed through paper/wooden crayon what happened to them?

Sock fitter's of Reddit, why do you do it? Do you get paid to make people uncomfortable?

Which songs would be at the core of a proper troll story?

What's a toy you have that was originally meant to be used for a specific purpose and now have a birthday party for?

Ladies of Reddit - what is a male bulge that you always dreamed was there but never showed?

What's the most fun video game based on a real life situation/situation?

Dear ex atheists of reddit, what made you believe?

Redditors with children, what's the worst thing you've seen or had happen to you in a non-sexual way?

What is something that is easily misinterpreted as a compliment?

Those who were Killed By Fire, Why Did You Do It?

You're psychic, and after you read the mail every day for a month, how will you feel about a mail from the devil?

What can one person, alone, fix it who struggles with depression?

What are the 'Horny' Geeky stories you know?

(only applicable where sub is rape) Girls of Reddit, have you ever been a "bro" and if so how did it play out?

How do you deal with inferiority complex?

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What was the best way you've ever seen someone's relationship grow?

Admins of Reddit, what was a popular post on Reddit that you were unaware was actually an admin?

Lawyers of Reddit, what was a client’s best defense?

Trump voters, what was your last straw vote like?

Where to find Terry Gilliam's 'The Long Dark Dark Dark Movie'?