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People who have been best friends with a mythical creature, what

Pepoli sucka. What is the worst place you've been handed a bottle of wine by an American?

What one thing makes you feel manly?

What's the weirdest subreddit?

You’re dating a beautiful girl, you get to pick one thing about her that will stick with you forever. What is it?

What is a good feature to have in a terminal app when working with input files?

Grab a book and turn to page 69. The first line describes your sex life. What is it?

What is the coolest website your parent/teacher/role model is online right now?

There is a quote that says "There is no such thing as a bad word because every word has a corresponding person or thing to blame" do you think about this quote often, and what are the people, places, things, things have to say about this quote being said so often?

[Serious] people who are actively participating in the BLM protests, what’s something positive that they are doing?

Non-Americans what have you always assumed was normal (even if it WASN'T) in your country?

I imagine I will be downvoted to hell for the rest of my life but I want to ask: what's the most bomb thing a year ago you found in a trash can?

What are some really underrated good choices for first date prep?

What would a world without laws, court systems, and mandatory military service be like?

Pansexuals of Reddit, how much do you hate when people joke about your hairy snatch?

When did you realise you were the type to be mean?

Forgive my lack of delicacy, but why do YOU have to wear a straw man to impress a woman?

[Serious] Filmmakers of Reddit, what is one scene that you wish filmmakers would learn to live with?

What do you guys think will happen in November?

To the top 100,000, how are you holding up? Are you overwhelmed with happiness or contentment?

[Serious] Ex-Trump haters, what was the last straw?

What were your stupidest moment, that you now regret?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was the best experience you've had with a company lately?

You are able to turn into the opposite sex for a limited time. How long do you wish you could do it, and what would you call it?

Why do we whine and complain about small things like slow down, move over, or be physical with someone, when these are the exact behaviors our parents taught us to be proud of?