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How would you feel about a "kids only" term for teachers who only have used it as an after school term?

Jon Jon is back for a one-hour special, bringing you the best of Reddit in one convenient spot. Topics include cosplay, rebooting movies, and much, much more. No spoilers. No faking it. Just go watch it now.

Are there any 'real' contradictions

What are some good places to find free wi-fi in your country?

You're 14 years old again, it's 3 AM and you are attacked by a crazed fanatical Muslim. You are trapped in his room all day long, you have no food or water and he can do with you what he wants. Do you?: (serious) What would you do?

What is something that is normal once but becomes suspicious once you get used to it?

What are some jokes so dark that the only thing you can do is nod along along?

What were your favorite moments from Minecraft

Why do people downvote legitimate Reddit posts?

What movie scene is completely ruined by the extra minute of fucking?

Racist of me, but what other people's ignorance is sickening?

Gamers of Reddit: What is the best thing that you or someone you know has done that actually made a huge difference in your life?

What things have you lost interest in as time goes on?

What "known" facts are important to keep in mind when evaluating police practices?

If it's possible to turn off all the light from the sun, would that be a miracle?

who is the most likely person to snap and attack a group of friends(es) in the real world(s) and why(s) do you think this is the case?

You've seen it all before, and it's your last hurrah. You look at your watch, it's now 2 am, and you need to be up in 15 minutes. What do you do?

Guys who start fighting immediately after getting laid, how do you guys recover from that fight of yours?

Blind People of Reddit, How have you been able to Blind People of Reddit, How have you been

How much karma would you get if you went from being the butt of many jokes to being the butt of none?

People who read the TOS, what are some of the most interesting terms you've seen?

Your internet cuts out for 24-hours, what do you do to fix it?

People who park backwards in parking spaces, even when it means making

Why is ppl offended when i call them fat?

What’s a good question to ask a pro player?