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White Macy's employee was attacked with racial slurs; cops arrived and saw a small crowd gathered outside. Does this incident change your

If you were being chased by a shark and could only get one item to last you the longest, what would it be?

People who say "All Lives Matter" and/or "Black Lives

[Serious] What do you find attractive that most other women do not?

What is one thing your parents did that you didn’t know was also incredibly creepy/unfair?

What are some things that people seem to think are obvious but actually aren't?

The cockroaches are back! How do you feel about being a part of the apocalypse?

What are some good games to play during Coitus Week?

"People who were the biggest stars in their child's childhood, how did it make you feel when they lost interest?"

Persons from 34yrs ago (5yr Sept 1984 - Jan '01), how is it different now?

Is it offensive to say that you love your parents?

What are the things that an alien has accidentally done that you’re not prepared for?

What’s a weird or interesting story you’ve heard but don’t have the courage to tell anyone?

If you could convince someone of one thing what would it be?

What are some good books you've read to prepare for this inevitable future?

If you were offered a million dollars but every time you spend it you choke on your own spit what would you do?

What can trump do to lose the 2020 election?

People of Reddit who have an allergy to lead, what is your reasoning?

What is one thing that you cannot live without?

People with more than one job... what do you do?

Whats up everyone, what are you listening for in your life?

If you could put only one 18 rated sex scene on the entire series would you do it?

What’s the greatest sin a person can commit?

HELP! Someone help me

Which Animals Would You Take As A Partner And Why?