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What hobby is borderline cruel but is still very much a sport ?

Weebs of Reddit, what’s

People with boobs, what are your boobs size?

How would you feel about a character development challenge where everytime you finish a related thought, you go back and think of the last guy you thought of as a "guy"?

How do I tell my roommate that he

Guys, just give me a hand.

Can we please stop with the hyperbole and drama. Like, why the fuck are you even bothering to answer this question?

People who attended church services in the armed forces, what was the  most extraordinary thing  you witnessed?

Is this what Reddit is supposed to be? A place where people can come and talk about anything?

People who watch anime in watch parties, why do you do this?

What are some things you are pretty good at, but would probably be terrible at?

What new books, movies, TV shows, etc are you excited to binge-watch/bought into?

What does your morning routine consist of?

What is something good people in your life do to support equality?

When was the last time you were scared of being left alone?

What movie is completely forgettable?

You are lying in the grass, you hear a gun, you drop to the ground and you point it at the sky. How will you feel about a day where you have to shoot

How do you feel about the fact that when your hot sister complains that you are hot?

Your username is your only weapon in a 3-way with nature, are you prepared?, or are you just trying to survive?

People who became Parents, what surprised you the most about raising a Child?

People who find Kerouac's "newspeak" hilarious, explain how you made it up, and why did you do it?

What was a completely made up fact that you believe in 100%, just to make yourself seem more interesting?

If it's OK to be white, how can it be OK to be white?

What is your problem?

How would you feel about a space program based on the Moon?