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Are there any other subs where you get downvoted to hell (spoiler alert)?

Is it true that there are “only” people on earth, and that there’s a premium on sexual experiences?

Yo, what's yo fave youtube comment?

If you could replace your face with a different person's face, who would it be and why?

People who always upvote what seems to be going on with the world are you not?

"Quiet Person" Alias for Caitlyn Jenner

Nurses of reddit: what’s one thing that

People who got into serious trouble with the police, what’s your story?

People of Reddit who were killed in self-defense do you regret it and why, if not why not?

Gamers of Reddit, what is one game that will forever be a meme?

Who was your least favorite character from all time?

If Aliens were showing us the future, what would they show first?

people of reddit with a photographic memory, what is it like on the inside? does it hurt to type ?

What was a terrible thing you witnessed at a family dinner?

If "Karen" had a son who was a transgender woman named Karen, what would he be like?

What’s something that your significant other absolutely hates the most?

What is something you did to make the kids happy?

How do you feel about Bernie Sanders' comments that the American presidential elections are a referendum on the 1,000 day old constitution?

You are now stranded in a virtual reality game called 'Naruto' (翻動作戦場版, ?) and you must fight your real life counterpart, who is just as cruel and vain as you but has access to much higher tech weaponry. Which weapon do you choose?

Why is this site reddit?

It's 3:00 AM and my girlfriend is not back from the bar. What curios do you think would happen if a drunk guy accidentally swallowed my girlfriend while she was changing a diaper?

What’s the most painful thing you have ever experienced on a date?

Do girls actually prefer guys who do a "come here bitch" instead of a "man up" when it's not a compliment? Why or why not?

What's a wonderful memory from your childhood?

What do you think about people that watch cartoons?