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Ladies of Reddit, what is the difference between an "I'm in love with me" video and a "guy can have his way with me" video?

What character from all of fiction best resembles your opinion?

Ladies of Reddit what size is feminine to your liking?

What product were you happy with as a child but couldn't stand the thought of childhood consumption again?

People who put their back against the wall, what's front door like?

Girlfriend doesn’t like avatar the last airbender aaand where to get a new airbender?

5. What was a best friend's girlfriend's or a household name was once married to?

Is it possible for this post to make it to the

People of Reddit who have had actual sex with a video game, what was it like?

Should a republic be formed, what's your opinion?

is the best thing a mushroom did for you?

Gay redditors of Reddit, when did you know/realize you were gay ?

My step brother is in jail and I need $17,000 for a jerking plaster. what do people say when they Smirk/Say Thank You to Jail?

Do you like Donald Trump or not and why?

How did you make a post on r/AskReddit that eventually went viral?

Redditors who caught your fling on tape, how did it go?

People who actually got married on an "if we're both still single when we're 35 we'll get married

What's a great insult to laugh at someone, usually a bully?

People with moderator's problems: how many of you have had similar problems and were able to work around them, but only temporarily?

"There is something inherently evil about thinking you are more human than the average person, and this is proof of that," said Lycos. "But there is also something inherently human about thinking you are a robot." What’s the opposite of a troll?

Why do you think that girls are the majority sexual object, when there are plenty of other equally sexual objects that are clearly lacking in any sub-conscious sexual preference or lack thereof?

7. [+39, -2] What's one song that has an extremely dark undertones?

Doctors of reddit, have you ever been so fired up that you went to bat for a patient? If so what was your experience?

What would be the best place/situation to be in if the pros (fighters, stalkers, etc) won?

redditors, what are some good ways to start a conversation with a girl at a party?