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Customers who create mystery accounts, have you ever had a customer actually come into your store and try on an item? If so, what did they do?

Can I give a shout out to my sis for bullying me in Middlebury College?

Do you feel as though the USA is moving too slowly on racial issues? How?

What's something that you were sure you could not do, but now that you try you can do?

Do you think that men can safely get back to cleaning?

What is one quality in a person that makes them totally awesome to you?

What do you think is the most effective way to deal with obnoxious teenagers?

When was the last time you took someone up on 'say it to my face!'?

What’s the worst fucking answer you’ve received from a female celebrity?

[Serious] Why do some white people still not see the humanity in others?

What are your opinions on the BLM movement?

You are transported to a fantasy world called "Aladdin." What is the first thing you see?

Redditors, have you ever been mistaken for a family member? What was the most bizarre scenario you’ve had to work with?

In high school, what do you think boys will do to girls in the locker room?

You have an 80/20 chance of dying. What do you do?

More information: Realistic, colors of butt of butt from strange animal tattoo style

Blind people of reddit, what is your most impressive "blind date" (closeted relationship, co-workers, etc) that went well?

Are you part of the reason why Trump is so unpopular?

Would you support a feature where if someone gets too close to a child actor playing a different character, the parents would automatically gain access to that character's bank and PlayStation account information?

It's December 20, 2021. The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and you are selected to be one of six "cops" who protect the world from a pandemic. What's your rational thought at that moment?

How many 4X6 graffiti tagged with the words “FREE SAM’’’ are left in London?

your girlfriends do that make you feel special?

I was in a car with a guy named Stevie Johnson. We were both under the influence of some kind of powerful drug, and he started fucking me. What should i do?

Whats one thing you wish you had learned as a teen that you didn’t as of yet?

If a genie grants you the opportunity to have sexual relations with his imaginary friend (besides licking each other), do you accept? Why, why not?