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What can you say during sex but also in meetings?

What's your funny story about meeting your real self?

What is one minor miracle that you're proud of?

People who have seen a family member having fun on the streets, what's your story?

Nsfw - Can u please move the FUCK to the bottom of this thread?

What celebrity do you secretly loathe?

You are the police chief of Equestria. You are being groomed to be a pornstar, what are your duties?

Redditors who refuse to wear masks in public, why?

What did your crush do that absolutely, positively, hurt you?

Transgenders of Reddit, what is something you wish others knew about you?

If you could pick one colour to represent your personality, what would it be?

If humans lived to be 500 years old, what jobs would be the most rewarding?

[Serious] how would you feel about mandatory drug testing for public office?

What’s the best advice you can give to a 20 year old who just had his shit kicked into high gear?

In what way is different than usual for the caucasians?

It's the year 2100 and the Earth is being invaded by aliens known as the Meta. What game would you pick?

What’s something that is commonly

What would be the "creepiest thing" about your opinionated?

Gw people of reddit, how is it raining outside?

Hiking Canada has partnered with Cold War-themed website to create a portal to post fake news and propaganda from a fictitious country. Through this portal, users are able to post articles with a simple click. What are some of the articles that users have posted?

What's the most recent thing that you heard about GamerGate?

What are you black and brown?

What are the chances that we meet again?

Man, I'd really like to join in singing "Happy Birthday to You!" to my pillow.

What are some of the BEST TV shows for teenagers?