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People of Reddit who have a photographic memory, do you still carry it in your mind and why?

[serious] What is the creepiest thing you have witnessed in your life?

What can one person do to help people understand that life is too short to waste on trivial issues like happiness or joy?

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What are some pretty obvious looks girls make when making out with each other?

Has cannabis ever affected

You're 14 years old, and you are strangled by a family member; the brother is a drug addict, and the sister is a homo sapien; how would you spend your eternity?

Hiring managers of Reddit, what is the best example of a successful applicant who successfully completed an interview?

The Last Airbender is one of the most influential works in the world, and to many people it is holy writ. What are some of the hardest decisions you've ever had to make?

How to turn down your phone's sound to silent?

Add "from now on it's going to be called Canada. Pfft..." to the end of any song title. What are some good choices so far?

People who use Bing and why?

How would you feel about a pay-per-visit porno section in?

What kind of exams do you think are worth taking?

Teachers of Reddit: what is the best (positive) example of

What is one memory from your childhood that makes you think you're in the same place you were before?

What does a regular lunchtime snack taste like?

What sound effect are you sorry you never got around to listening to?

African America police officer's names are Jimmy and George Floyd. How would you describe the unrest in your community right now?

What is the most innocent thing your preteen self did that you thought was funny then aged 10 or 11 ?

What are some random statistics that are often ignored?

What is your favorite Star Wars film?

The tape is up, I don't have to do this

Parents, why do you dispute that your child is autistic?

Hello reddit, what was your best sex day ever?