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Doctors of reddit ,have you ever had a client who was able to supress their orgasm after the exfoliating oil had been applied? and why?

What are some good alternatives to reddit that don’t use up your storage space?

Women who suffer from Anxiety and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, how do you go through it and what’s your coping strategy?

Whats one stupid question you genuinely don't mind being reposted?

What are some subreddits you would think would be popular, but actually aren't?

Your username is your sexual debut, how big a part of your life is about to change?

What are some "perfect matches" you have made in your life?

What if humans have reached the end of endurance?

People of reddit who are getting married/marrying someone very close to you, what’s it like?

Those who always complain about everything, why do you do it?

How would you feel about a school project in which students were given 3 hours of "free time" a week to do nothing but read and write, but were also required to complete a 50-question online online exam?

How do you feel about happy hour from 11am-1pm on Friday?

People who worked at airports and responsible for some of the worst things going on

Why do you like it when something good happens?

The swamp is draining on all sides, fish are fleeing, and the moon is out. What’s a positive you have seen in the face of this grim situation?

After a failed attempt at starting a business, Danica Patrick (then Dan) is found guilty of manslaughter. The jury deadlocks 4-4, but the conviction is final. What’s her position on White House duty during recess?

What if Obama is re-elected and Conservatives are forced to choose between 2*?

[Serious] what's something you'd be willing to fight to the death to get ?

Add "in my ass" to the end of a movie title. What are some interesting movie titles?

How is a guy supposed to express himself without saying “sir”?

Have you ever felt you have found your true self? What happened ?

Trump supporters of Reddit, what’s the biggest problem are y'all gonna get from this dude?

What the f*ck are your regrets?

People with huge titties: how much longer do you intend to keep them up and how does it feel to actually be able to do it?

What animal would you kill for food?