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What was the first video game you played?

What’s your personal opinion on the fact that Reddit admins are suppressing conservative opinions

What's a great thing a lot of people don't think

Guys, you need to make out with each other sexually. How do you do that?

How do you feel about the Ocean's Eleven theory?

When did being unloved turn you on?

What's the most powerless/cringy thing you've ever done?

What is the biggest screwup you or someone you know has made during sex?

Who do you think is funnier, Bill Hicks or Mark Halperin?

Video: Video: Poeple of Reddit, what’s something no one tells you about your age, sex life, relationships, education, finances, etc?

What are some good cities to visit in the US if you want to escape the norm?

Gun experts who did some research... what are some commonly misunderstood terms and concepts that gun enthusiasts should know?

Bartenders, what’s the strangest conversation you’ve had with an intoxicated person?

What’s the best reason to defend one's life ?

People of Reddit with testicular cancer, how is it?

What are some of the best ways to be clever ?

What is something that is widely accepted as normal, but which you think is extremely peculiar?

Our community is divided into three groups: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Which one do you want to spend your remaining days in existence with?

Who is the most disgusting person you've ever met?

Can we please stop with the memes about gore? Seriously?


What mistakes have you made as a result of your lack of self-awareness?

People who leave support messages for Keanu Reeves images, what can we do to make this image better?

Our mission: to promote responsible gun ownership and responsible gun use in a non-biased, Earth-friendly manner.

The hymen is a thin, elastic band of tissue that stretches and becomes longer the further down you go. When the last thing you went, it started to grow. How do you feel about this story?