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Whats a wholesome, solitary activity that a person can engage in that doesn’t require them to be in close contact with the outside world?

What Reddit feature do you wish was more commonly used?

People with vaginas, where is the worst place you have ever been surprised by your period, and how did you deal with it?

What are some good first date questions to get to know you?

Redditors who work in the food industry, what's the funniest thing someone has ever said to you?

What's the best romantic movie you've ever seen?

Has a moment when you realized you forgot your sexuality?

Who can I contact if I find out my father is an internet troll?

What is your hate story from Minecraft?

Who is NOT cute as farts?

People who had perfect attendance and passing grades in highschool, what was the worst you ever did to try and impress your teachers?

[Serious] What would actually happen to the USA if Trump won an election based on his inability to perform the duties of office?

[Serious] teachers of Reddit, what is one thing you wish you had in kindergarten (and why)?

If you could meet a celebrity ghostwriter who would it be and what would he say/write?

There are no Americans living in the fictional state of Delaware. What's one thing about your home state that you love?

When was a time when you thought you had met the guy?

What's the fastest way anyone has seen someone just give up?

You accidentally shove a jar full of jizz up your ass. How does that affect your sex life?

People who strongly believe that men can replicate the actions of women with regards to cleaning up after them, what other actions can a woman do to replicate the actions of a man with regard to housework/child care?

What was a great first date?

What was the weirdest dream you ever had?

People who explain the world to their roommates, why do you do it?

People of Reddit with two dads, how do you feel about the fact that your other one is an asshole who gets away with creepy shit?

Who's the best Boss battle?

Have you ever thought you have Down Syndrome? How does it affect your life?