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What's something that your parents made you watch as a kid?

What will be the weirdest thing you've heard from a taxi?

Why is "boys will be boys" still a thing?

You are able to change any rule, what would be one big rule that would make the world a better place?

Whats up with some of you? Do you still hang out on /r/askreddit ?

What is something negative Donald Trump has

You are suddenly teleported 2 feet to your left. How does that change your life?

If there was a show called "The Sopranos" would all the corrupt family members be

What are you 99.95% sure about?

When did you have a bad temper tantrum and how did you manage to calm yourself down?

How safe are sex toys compared to sex?

Since when is tolerance the same thing as racism?

Which three games are good, and which are mediocre?

What’s something that everyone likes but you hate the same?

What's something small that makes the world a better place?

[Serious] Conservatives of Reddit, if you truly do not believe that our Constitution was created as a living document, then how can you claim you have the right to bear arms, which was not a

What’s your favorite fast food?

If your girlfriend was in fact the devil incarnate what would he say ?

Dear Carolyn, What's the most embarrassing story from your past that you're proud of but wouldn't tell anyone else?

If you could have the option right now to disappear from the face of the earth 5 years early and never return, would you do it? Why or why not?

What is one thing you would do as the president and why?

Non-Americans of Reddit, which third world countries do you think have the best government and how do they interact with the U.S.?

What was the funniest story you ever heard about your town?

What would you consider to be "just a little bit better"?

What would be different if Darth Vader were a girl?