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What’s something you saw as a child that you still remember vividly?

What job does everyone hate?

People who poop on sidewalks, why?

What has been your best (not necessarily sexiest) college date?

What is one thing you always ask for but never get?

People who’ve had a drunk friend, why?

Possibly involving running or jumping, what are some things you can do to help?

What is your question you want to be answered with 100% certainty?

People of Reddit who work in a casino, what is something that a player does that is unusual but also common knowledge to other players?

People of Reddit who have an IQ of 120 or higher, how do you do day to day tasks with an IQ of 80?

Dear Americans, what are your thoughts on the Fort Mose crisis?

What is one thing girls can do to make you feel special?

What celebrity did you feel bad for?

What’s one embarrassing thing you did that you still brag about?

People who firmly believe that white privilege exists and everyone else on the planet is equally responsible for creating the problems we have today, how do you live knowing that you are 99.9% responsible for the next generation?

Has anyone here ever had a "thing" that other than your parents ? Cause I'm getting close.

Famous people of Reddit, who were you real life selves?

Folks who are voting for Trump 2020, why?

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, what’s it like on the inside? is it crazy or is it like a filing cabinet with drawers with pictures in them?

What's the best place you've been asked by a stranger for directions?

If the real-life 2016 election had a

Redditors who have experienced an incel, what is it like?

In 20 years, how would you like to celebrate Black Lives Matter?

Ladies of Reddit what does one sexy time stand for you?

What is your opinion on karens?