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If President Trump tests positive for COVID-19 and dies, how will you feel?

Your username is now the name of a country, what is your country and how are you doing right now?

As someone who doesn’t watch much porn, I found this video by accident.

In honor of the riots, what’s the most creative name you can come up with?

People of reddit, do you still participate in these AskReddit

What’s the best available sex mod for your android?

People who have testified against Trump in court, what was the outcome?

How do you feel about the black on white crime in America?

[SERIOUS] What is something you still don’

Gamers of Reddit, what was your best (not necessarily technically speaking) gaming moment of 2015?

What do you think is the perfect content to share with your social media following?

People of Reddit who have committed incest, how did it go?

what is the strangest myth that you believe in ?

What is your weirdest dream and were you ever a part of it?

What movie, novel, or other type of media has had a profound, if unintentional, effect on your life?

If the civil war in the USA is civil war in America, why is it that wars in other countries are not?

What can a sister-in-law do to help you during a crisis like this?

You're 14 and you find a DVD case that has The Last Airbender, Avatar and a comic book inside. What’s in the case?

Whats up everyone, what are you good on?

What are you good (muscular) and how are you able to do that?

What did your crush do that was so bad you could have killed them?

Who are the coolest cartoon characters you know?

WTF just happened to you today?

[Serious] What sound like a dream come true for you?

What brand-name car should everyone own?