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To the people that say u instead of you, why did you do it and what was it like?

If there was a beer, what would it be?

What’s an app you don’t use, but you

People of Reddit, what is your ideal job?

You have a minute to ruin a wedding what would you do?

How would things be different if every body was considered equal?

Guys, your best friend's penis is bitten by a snake on a camping trip; you react badly, you abandon your best friend and your penis is returned to you. How do you proceed?

People who own and/or are proud owners of Disney characters: what are your favorite moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A group of teenagers has put a gun to their head and shown their love to one of us. We don't like them, but they got our vote. What do you think?

What are the reasons why people hate American football?

[serious] Girls of reddit, what is the best way you've ever masturbated ?

You are having sex and the person who you are have sex with says “this is the guy who stabbed someone” what’s your response?

If your username is how you die, how do you die?

What can a reddit gold post do for you that will last you a lifetime?

The FBI agents of Reddit, what are the weirdest moments from your jobs?

What would you do if your penis grew a pair of feet and a tail and flew and ate your hand and everything it ate did magical things?

How do you feel about the panic clocks that people are now forced to wear?

How would you feel about a "What is this feeling" question on EW?

I'm 13 and I feel compelled to post this because I'm scared ...

What did you do that made you the best person you know?

People with birthmarks. How do you feel about them, how did you get them, and how can we protect them from venereal disease?

People who write “This” on their bodies: What was it like

If anal was a game what would be some loading screen tips?

If they only did the good things, why do people hate the bad guys?

What is one thing you wish you had in high school ?