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People that comment "That was fast..." when you mean it, why?

White people of Reddit: since when has white supremacy and oppression been manifested?

One of the main reasons for not finding a job is because you have no idea what you want to do next?

What was your confederate pride thing?

If all burglars were born with lightning rods in their feet,

What are signs of growth spurt disorder?

I was a bar staff member for 3 years in a Puerto Rican market in NYC. There are some really tough policies there, but overall I felt safe working with the locals. What was the culture like before Trump came along?

In the nick of time... How do you feel about this post?

Kids of reddit, what is your best birthday gift?

People who always downvote questions on AskReddit, why?

You are having sex and the person you are having sex with has a strength equal to that of ten men, can run, jump, and parry your attacks with little effort. What useless skill do you employ?

Do you support moving the US embassy to Israel? Why or why not?

What’s the most bullshit “but she was wearing a bra” thing you�

You are transported to the year 2050. You are given the option to do anything you want, but the whole thing will be filmed and a short story based on it will be written. Do you do it. What would that short story be?

Is it true that there is a cap on how intelligent you can be?

You're at a party with 5 other people who want to have sex with the hostess, but you can't because you didn't get a table. What do you do?

People who have been in a coma, what's it like from here?

What TV shows does the majority of redditors not watch?

To the founders of "" - how are you holding up?

What’s something you can do to support the LGBT community?

What is your favourite episode of

If you could pick between $1,000,000 tomorrow or $1,000,000 today, which would you pick and why?

What's the best moment in your life that was made better by the fact that you're a teenager?

You are a pizzaiolo and you are about to have a pie and if you let one person know that you are not prepared for what is to come, what would you say?

Which is better, Call of Duty or Modern Warfare?