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The Internet is abuzz with reports that David Goggins has reportedly dropped out of touch, but what otherworldly feat has he managed to accomplish?

What if someone burn(s) you?

Dear Saved By The Bell Fans, how has Bell used this tragedy in its image?

Redditors with more than one job, what are the jobs well known to other people?

Jon Jones isn't winning any boxing titles anytime soon. (USATSI)

What’s a weird or interesting trivia fact that’s been pointed out to you by a friend or a family member?

What did you always question as a kid?

People who regularly complain about reposts, why do you do it? Are you genuinely sorry? And if not, why?

Americans, what has been the biggest change in your view of Russia since the protests?

What did your parents tell you as a child that you believed but now realize doesn

What is the best porn trope in your opinion?

If you had a preview of the last dream you recalled and it was your last dream, what would it be?

People with less than a year left to

To the people that say that white supremacy doesn’t exist, what is the most blatant example of white supremacy that you have seen?

What is the weirdest thing you've done for kicks?

Blind People of Reddit, Did You See an Elephant?

Would you ever listen to a Plain Dealer discuss Trump/Russia?

People of Reddit, what is something most people have never considered?

What did a dream about you or someone you know have to do with this recipe?

What's your all time favorite sexual experience?

Dear gay men of reddit, how did you come out to your friends and how did they react to it?

Dog owners of Reddit: Do you feel bad for Trump's dog? Why, or why not?

A classic is coming out as gay, what are some classic characters saying about being gay?

What were the dumbest things you ever did to try and look cool while doing chores?

What made you the hottest in High School?