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You've got a desk with a picture of a naked man on it, open to the public. You can also see the man's name is "Penis Man". What’s your reaction?

What was the dumbest thing your friend did and why ?

[Serious] Injustice Gods Among Us players, what is your opinion on the first season and why are there so many complaints about the second?

Your search results page is turned into a game, where you play as the opposite gender version of someone you know. What is the first thing you do?

Although every now and then a random woman will just pop her cherry on her ass and say something really stupid. These are known as "click-boobs", and they're usually in jest. What are some other "poor taste" moments from your life?

What would be the most creative and interesting "story" to tell with a poster, cardboard cutout, or some other creative means?

When was the last time you had a bad dream?

What is your lesson to your child about the importance of diet, hygiene and obedience?

What is the best collaboration between a synthesist and a pianist ?

What are some things that you would never do to your partner?

You’re having sex and the person who you are have sex with says “this one's for me” what do you say?

How do you feel about faking being asleep for an hour and getting caught doing it?

What's the most helpful feature in Google?

Men, what’s

What is the best place or objects to beat the gay ?

[Serious] When did being fat become anything but a choice?

People who got mad on reddit for no reason. Why?

Question for women: how tall can a vagina get before it starts to feel like a penis is in there?

What is your favorite childhood memory that you still remember well?

· Change your name to something more recognizable. For example, if you’re Joe, put a knife to your forehead and take your name down to 'just a name'.

If a random person gave you 1000 dollars for every time they beatyou, would you do it (im assuming serious but please be serious)?

Redditors, what is the most impactful Wikipedia article you’ve seen?

People who work in Human Resources, what is the weirdest thing anyone has ever done for you?

What’s better kink than sex?

People who stick their nose in computer games, what’s your opinion on how important is a good communication in computer games and if a player can understand what the other player is trying to say?