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The date is September 11th 2001; you wake up at your desk in the WTC around 8:30 am because you were up all night partying and it is hard to keep your eyes open for long. What are you doing to make the situation as pleasant as possible

What is something that you took the most personal experience with?

The pH of the oceans is dropping due to the effect of the volcanoes CO2 explosion, what’s the effect on life on earth?

What are some fun stray animal facts you've found online?

[Serious] Has anyone ever been so obsessed with a TV show that they ended up cancelling it halfway through its run ? If so, what was the reason?

[Serious] LGBT people with transphobic, homophobic, or sexist parents, how did they react when you came out/transitioned/realized they weren't homophobic?

You are now the curator of ur friend's childhood. How will this new identity fit in with your old one?

Is the beer you are ordering the most poisoned?

Girls of Reddit, what is a guy supposed to do when he falls for a girl?

What is your explanation

Dear Vegetarians of Reddit, what are your moral? Should we all be worried?

What is the best way/place/thing to get a Pokémon to do a specific thing?

(NSFW) People of reddit over the age of majority, what is your favorite sex position?

To all the cops out there: how are you doing today? Do you have friends or are you alone all the time?

Your username is your pornstar name. Who is it?

If you took all the Good Things and Rest in Peace's (besides the fact that it would be the reverse) and threw them into one container, what would it be?

Strippers of Reddit, have you ever had a client with a pornstar? If so, what was it like?

Which B-Movie is your favorite?

How would you feel about a fictional character who is so smug you could almost laugh at how oblivious they are to their surroundings?

People who have dated a pornstar, was it a "thing" in real life?

When will the first “100% Pure” smoothie shop open up in your country?

What do you think about Chris Brown being given a ten year prison sentence?

What game would be a lot shorter if the author did a better job describing it?

What would you like to say to someone who is vehemently against Gay Marriage and believes America is trending in the wrong direction?

The race is on to have the biggest Halloween party possible. Which costume would you pick?