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People with and about to have sex with the opposite gender, how would it go? Would you be tempted ?

If someone offered you 5000$ but told you you have to perform 50 stunts a week in order to keep the offer, would you accept? Why or why not?

People with poor oral hygiene, how do you feel about people who get their teeth cleaned in public?

How do you guys feel about Shmaltz?

People who ask what everyone else wants for Christmas, why do you do it?

Guys of reddit. Would you date a girl like this? Why or why not?

If the human body was able to form memories, how would some of our less powerful (like kids in a flash) ones be able to pick up on different things in our past lives?

People who replied to this post, congrats! You're an adult now, can have happy family and friends, and can have a career. How would you spend your time now?

What are some things that sound like compliments but aren't?

What’s something that is socially acceptable now, but you don't think it should be ?

Is Serena Williams the best player in women's tennis and why ?

What was your "Mean Girls" moment?

When did you experience your first true laugh?

Dear Americans: as much as it pains me to write these, are you tired of seeing your country deteriorate? If not, why?

People who encourage their friends to kill themselves. Why?

Men, what was your first impression of your female partner when you saw him first?

Caught watching my Millie brother and #1 Cutest Millie (nicknamed Milliebear) watching TV together?

What is the largest company that you are part of and why?

What is the best temporary work, preferably non-violent?

If you could instantly have sex with any celebrity dead or alive who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as many people may know them, which celebrity would you have sex with first?

What is the funniest story about your country that we are all too familiar with?

Police officers of Reddit, what’s the most bullshit thing your department has done?

What is the most obscure fact that you know but wish people knew?

People who have moved to another country, what was the like initially?

people who have a hard time wiping their mouth, why?