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What is the most American thing a President could do that would actually help America?

What are signs of being cheated on

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack and extra ammo, you know some serious shit is about to go down. What is the real-life equivalent of this?

How do you feel about wearing a condom to sleep or into a movie?

What are some other ways Trump is undermining his legacy

What's the most unconventional substitute for a pillow?

How do you tell if someone is liberal or conservative?

People of Reddit with small pox why?

There is a rumor going around that Ben 10 could give you a blowjob from orbit. What would you do?

Blind people of reddit, whats life like from now on? Do you ever get sad or angry when you think about your former self?


People of Reddit who work in the food industry

Fuck all you nudes out there, what's new?

Women of Reddit, what are signs that you will usually be the aggressor and they will be the victim?

Redditors who don't like the fact that most men masturbate for sex, why do you find that so offensive?

What if your Reddit Username was a superpower?

Why don’t people

Trump says the Unseen Enemy will be eliminated in June. How realistic do you think your life will be?

Why does Reddit go on and on about privacy issues? Do you think this is an overreaction?

One year ago today was the day I had my first kiss. Since that day, my life has never been the same.

What is the most effective way to deal with a jerk who won't stop jerking himself?

How is everyone's day going?

What are some terrible examples of you having an 'opposite sex day'?

How do you tell a depressed friend that they are stupid?

What is your story of seeing your father for the first time?