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Men of reddit who sucked their penis after getting it pierced should probably stop?

[Serious] Muslims of Reddit, what are some [problematic] say about your religion?

which character from all of literature falls flat but is still a great villain?

If you could pick 3 items that will make people stop caring about what people say and do, what would they be?

What is something everyone should learn in life?

What’s the best movie you played as a kid but the ending was changed somehow?


What's your favorite issue of Toontown that you feel is underrated?

To those who work in an office that is f…ing full of s…

What would have happened to Japan if Star Wars was a success?

people who use MS edge over google, how the f*** do you know how to type properly without choking ?

[Serious] Former Flat-Earthers, how did you first come to accept the Earth as a flat disc, after having lived on the moon and Mars?

What inanimate object has the best story to tell?

What's the free software that can actually make your life easier?

People who download porn and keep it on "royalty free," why?

Who are bigger hypocrites and why, body positivity community?

What's your favourite thing about your age?

Adults who played Dungeons and Dragons, why?

If the world was absolutely ending, and we all had one last breath, what do you think would be some sort of plea from the other 99.9% to help them survive the next day?

You are now the manager of Tremendous, an epic space adventure game. What is it about?

What is the most unlikely fictional character would have to die to be more than a caricature?

When did it become acceptable to post/comment with grammatical errors? Why aren't we calling people out for this?

Reddit, what is the most inappropriate thing you have ever seen a Trump saying in a video?

Those who support Trump, why?

Will the next social/religious experiment be a little too human rights or a little too much religious?