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How would your life be different if you were dating a celebrity?

What are some Canadian things that people always say in America that just annoys the hell out of you?

What’s a good way to think of "ick"?

What is the most bizarre/disturbing story you've ever heard?

What did you like about Trump's first few weeks as president?

What are some question you genuinely don't

What are some things that have happened at your school that you still remember?

People who recommend the Elk Grove Village People (lgbtq+ community) over the L.A. Pride Community (gay male community), why?

Famous people of Reddit, who were they famous before they got famous?

What is the best gaming keyboard?

Do you need a penis enlargement kit? If so, what are the different features?

Redditors who were killed in self-defense, what was the aftermath?

Hey redditors, what would you think of the name "Grindys Grunge Room"?

What’s something you'd really like people to stop doing?

(Serious) Which fictional character has an IQ of 137?

How would you feel about a law banning radio stations from playing commercials with honking/beeping/siren noises in them?

It is (almost) official: You should Buy a House.

What are some good subreddits your brain refuses to go back to naturally?

With the death of N. Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, what will be the final straw in the 1950s?

How would you feel about a system where teachers gave out karm- free gifts to students?

A Hanover County man is dead after a shootout with police, according to authorities.

Just curious, has anyone ever had a dream in which they actually appeared?

What is something people actually did in

What’s the most bullshit “but seriously, why would anyone want to have sex with you” thing you’ve ever heard from a sex worker?

Then again, maybe they were put in there to death?