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What's your favorite line from the unfilmed gag?

What do you guys think will happen to the USA in 2020 and beyond?

Dear reddit, what are some of the creepiest, most interesting, mind-blowing, mind-bogglingly difficult, or mind-blowing-yet-extremely-relatively-predictable events that you've ever witnessed on a large scale?

What do you wish people stopped doing?

Redditors of Reddit who support Trump, why?

"Girls", what are some examples of sexism you have experienced and how did it affect you?

What’s something that someone else said or did that angered you?

When did you first experience language?

What was the right thing to do

Can we please stop with the hyperbole and drama. The memes are starting to speak for

If video games are a metaphor for life, what are some video games metaphors that you feel reflect your life experiences?

The Los Angeles Kings and the Indiana Pacers are set to play one game next season. The game will be played in Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. If both teams win, the game will be re-titled Game 7. What will be the theme for the next game?

What is an interesting fact to share with someone who is in the military or just about to get into it?

What's the best thing you've found online?

What's the scariest story

People who deny they exist, what is your excuse?

What does MLM and its derivatives have in common?

Where do you get the shirt that says “with my cock/asshole”?

Has anyone else lost inspiration to follow a hobby due to all of this stress?

Who said that you are the reason why people hate you?

One of the biggest misconceptions that boys have about girls is that they are the opposite sex. So, who was the opposite sex for your high school years?

What’s the best way to ruin the last meal you had?

What would the adult version of “

You wake up in a room with no windows or doors. What do you do?

what is the worst thing you can say while pregnant?