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If President Trump rips a mask off and starts chopping wood, how would things be different?

What would you add to the test pilot skill?

Plumbers of Reddit, what's the most common problem with a female companion?

Without saying what show it is, what's a quote from a show that most redditors would recognise?

For the people who watch streams of their favorite

Redditors who notice freckles on your arms, what is it about?

If you could insert one product into the body of every other human being from now on, what would it be?

What's a great big (college football) field to play on during Wimbledon?

Would you watch a movie where the main character has to suffer through a pornographic scene just to keep their relationship strong for as long as possible? Why or why not?

If the universe was hosting a galaxy far, far away party what would your first item be?

What the fastest way

What are your top 5 favourite movies?

What is the most honest mistake a member of your family has ever made?

The thing you find on the street? That to people who have experienced true love, it was the closest thing they have ever experienced?

[Serious] Conservatives of Reddit, if you truly do not believe that our Constitution was created as a living document, then how can you claim to be a "Libertarian?"

What are some good options when switching languages?

What things are absolutely critical to understand about American politics?

Gay people of Reddit, what did a certain teacher say that stuck with you?

What is your point in life ?

There’s a reddit post with a screenshot of your girls twerking in a video game. How do you feel

Where can i join reddit?

UPDATED, 3.45pm: Jackie Evancho has called the shit out of Donald Trump. What are your thoughts?

What’s a useful fact to have in everyday life?

Favourite song in the world?

How would you feel about transgender people serving openly in the military?